Genuine wood shingles are the central design element of VINTUCINA ALNOSPLIT / ALNOVETRINA model, a shingle look in vintage grey with a glass front in high-gloss ultra white.

Two materials, wood & glass, each one of which radiates value & style. The combination is truly eye-catching. The interplay between highly textured wood and even glass surfaces is most striking, and is given the appropriate lighting by the illuminated bases in the segment shelves.

World’s most impressive buildings have facades of ceramic and glass. However, not only are the materials unique, but so too is the art of turning them into exclusive kitchens. A skill that is only made possible thanks to our experience & the expertise acquired over more than 85 years of tradition. Functionality meets aesthetics – in the most modern kitchens we have ever built. All with the aim of enabling you to incorporate some modern architecture in your own four walls.