Sleek Boards

Sauerland launches a 34/38mm tubular board which will be the heart of the 40/44mm door with 3mm skin both sides. These European thickness doors are available from all leading door manufactures.

Contact us for details to know the supplier closest to your construction site at sleekboards@g...

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Bead Curtains-Memories of Butterfly

Memories of a Butterfly (MOAB) – design in beads, and its product represents free spiritedness and boundless creativity. These unique customised bead curtains have a mystic feel and enhance any decor. They find creative applications both in homes and in commercial spaces. They have the ability ...

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ANTA ITALIAN FURNITURE inspired Italian Living!!!

Kitchen | Wardrobes | Doors | Windows
Tel: +91-813 010 1999

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L16, Door

Designed by piero lissoni, l16 is designed to reduce, especially in thickness. Remarkably thin, the hinged door looks like a sheet, an unblemished page, able to separate spaces with a light touch and fluid motion. Each visible element is designed to disappear. To the eye it offers a flawless surf...

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Henzer Magnetic Door Holder/Catcher

• Available with four part Nickle Plating Screw
• New impressive body with adjustable fitting facility
• Magnetic Power Guarantee for life time
• Smart design and extra durability made with & German Technology
• Improves appearance on decorative furniture

Hero ...

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Lenbitz - world class window covering system

Lenbitz, world class Window Covering Systems, has a unique and wide variety of window blinds with select range of fabrics, designs, patterns to suit both residential and commercial establishments.

Their blinds come with an option for manual and motorized mechanism specially designe...

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CORA windows - SCL Group

CORA from SCL Group offers window track systems:
2 track sliding windows
Sliding window with coextruded bugmesh track
2 track sliding doors
3 track sliding doors and windows
Casement windows
Turning doors.
Water tightness, wind load capacity, smooth opening and closing, Sound i...

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Casement Window -Veka

This window is widely used in residential properties like condominiums, bungalows or villas, school, hospitals and commercial settings like factories and business buildings. It’s adherence to functional and performance requirements to international standards, wide range of applications and cost effi...

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Fenesta Villa Windows

The villa windows from Fenesta consists of an engineered UPVC frame that can accommodate a grill for security and a mesh to prevent insects from entering the home.  Fenesta’s advanced UPVC blend makes the wWindows weather proof and provides excellent insulation against noise and dust. It saves ...

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