Boffi Air Fan

The fan comes with a remote system which responds effortlessly to user commands and a unique feature of rotation reversal. In winters the fan throws the air upwards, gently retrieving the warm air that had risen and accumulated against the ceiling, thereby saving energy.

Sinuously c...

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Spot, A simple lamp

Spot is a multipurpose light concept that can be hung, hand-held, or simply placed on a surface. It can function as a torch, desk lamp, ambient light, or wall light.

Spot, as it’s called, has an simple design a 10 watt LED lamp and a squared off handle. The handle is the versatile part ...

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Outdoor and energy performance lamps from KESELEC SCHRÉDER
Key features
Elegant and comfortable solution for creating a warm ambiance
Low energy consumption
Low light pollution (ULOR 3%)
Several light distributions
FutureProof: on-site replacement of th...

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Flame Retardant Cable

Superex FR, Flame Retardant Cable from RR Kabel

Applications: Suitable for use in conduit and for fixed, protected installation.
Conductor: Many thin strands of Electrolytic Copper are fine - drawn simultaneously for uniformity of Resistance, Dimension, and Flexibili...

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Weather Proof Series-C&S Electric

The Combi range offers the widest choice of enclosures for all installation requirements with weatherproof installations up to IP55.
• Residential outdoor bell push, kitchen, bathroom and swimming pools
• Automobiles Industries, Ship yards, Construction sites et...

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Verona - Hospitality range switches

Made from FR grade Poly Carbonate, these switches are shock proof, dust-proof and resistant to high impact as well as UV rays. They are manufactured following the most stringent quality checks and have a sleek and elegant design.
These switches have a compact design, shrouded terminals, captive ...

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Vandalux & Vandaguard LED luminaire

IP66 linear LED weatherproof luminaire designed for hostile and vandal prone environments.
    Energy efficient LED linear lamps with integrated electronics and diffuse lens
    40,000 hours average lamp life
    Pressure die-c...

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