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Wormland Oberhausen

What men want
Thanks to the new construction as part of the expansion of the CentrO, Blocher Blocher Partners was able to design the Wormland Store without major structural constraints. Evidence of their creative freedom are the very high ceilings. Together with suspended elements, they shape the sales area and serve as a dynamic guide through the store. A three-tonne steel framework acts as a space-structuring element: The 17-meter wide honeycomb construction rises 11 meters high, connecting all three floors along the escalators. The webbed surface is reminiscent of the outer shell of the Oberhausen Gasometer, an industrial monument and symbol for the entire region. On the ground floor, the structure forms – together with a large-format ceiling motif of the New York City skyline – an urban stage for men’s fashion. Industry and city also are reflected in the use of materials. Solid oak flooring, anthracite stone screed,exposed concrete, rough plaster and steel dominate the interior design. The mostly open ceilings emphasize the industrial ambiance, as do the metal surfaces of the clothing racks. In contrast with the two-toned, grey and brown theme, the 33 dressing rooms stand out with bright colours that are reflected in oversized mirrors. Giant photographs provide another accent - backlit by LEDs, they convey the sensual theme that inspires customers as they shop.

New perspectives
Each floor has its own highlights that form variations on the basic design theme. On the ground floor, suspended steel elements and large concrete cubes and polygons function as display surfaces, completing the rough look. An eye-catcher on the first floor is the raw steel structure framed by a cube of exposed concrete. Clothing is suspended from this structure over a floor of cognac-coloured oak. Walls of stacked, cube-like cabinets are yet another attention grabber. The second floor, which also features a spacious coffee lounge, is divided up with freestanding walls that constantly afford new perspectives.

At a glance
Conception of a men's fashion store.

Architecture, Interior Design

Centroallee 128d, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany

Floor area
2,500 square metres