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An architectural marvel in itself, the ‘PEEP HOUSE’ is 8700 sq. ft. structure that nestles perfectly in the huge 40,000-sq.ft plot. ‘Surprise’- is what describes the house which is a result of the tremendous faith and trust offered by the client at the end of a few conversations and a smooth transition from the requirement of a typical bungalow to an experimentative, out-of-the-box design.

The stark solid R.C.C. wall with perforations veils the house beautifully behind it allowing only a few glimpses through the punctures and divides the whole plot into three main spaces; the house, the Zen garden and the swimming pool, with the landscape seamlessly blending these areas together to strike a perfect balance of the in and out spaces. There is only one built mass, a singular cube peeping out and resting firmly above the solid wall which forms the first view of the house. The sojourn through a 50’ long passage that the wall guides through to the main entrance of the house is a magnificent experience rendered by the view of the pool through wooden fins on one side and an overlooking a cozy front garden on the other. This experience is enhanced by the 40’ long tailored lamp hung above in the passage which creates a dramatic play of lights and shadows in the day and even at night. The feeling of openness tags along inside the house with the river finished multi-colored kota stone flooring that runs in from the passage out and is highlighted by the view of the open court with planters and the green through the perforated wall.

The layout is a simple plan constituting a basic drawing room, a formal dining room and kitchen and a parent’s room that is at the end of the small passage inside and an informal outdoor living area overlooking the pool and an adjacent Zen garden which has become the most delighting and enriching part of the whole house. The swimming pool is an exquisite feature that creates a thematic color play of lights and effects influencing the spectrum of moods according to the nature of requirement. The pool neighbors a small office and a home theatre.

The staircase leads to the upper floor which has a long passage supported by the wall on one side that displays the collage of family photographs and a long window, allowing ample ventilation and flooding the space with light, on the other that sums up to create a dramatic experience of lights. The end of this passage is a splendid open- to- sky zone, an area, which is artistic by the beautiful scenography that lights and shadows create with the artifacts that are specially selected. The bedrooms are interlinked through this passage with master bedroom immediately at the end of this passage where the mystery of the peeping cube unfolds. This room projects in the front above the axial R.C.C. wall and opens out to a scenic terrace garden.

The décor of the house is minimal and classic with no superficial decoration complementing the personality of the young owner. The concept is a simple linear layout with the R.C.C. wall forming the main axis connecting the areas around. Each nook and corner of the house oozes serenity and highlights the simplistic and minimalistic approach, a signature style of the architect. There is an apparent ‘play with the emptiness’ to create the rich experience where architectural detailing blends with the interior design in the most natural way leaving no scope for plasticity.

The material palette constitutes all natural materials like brick wall, kota stone, white marble and wood. Ample natural light floods through the house and it is also well ventilated minimizing the use of conventional sources of energy. The building complies with major green building norms. Experimentation with the right stroke of simplistic design and natural materials creates a beautiful and rhythmic substance inhabitable with comfort and luxury.

Text & Photo courtesy: Dipen Gada

Project Fact file
• Client’s Name: Mr. Kothari
• Built up Area- 8700 sqft
• Date of completion- December 2012
• Principal designer- Dipen Gada
• Design Team- Shalini Pereira, Aditi Dave&Dolly Pari
• Site Coordinator- Mr. Biren Patwa
• Photography- Tejas Shah
• Text- Nidhi Patel